Bathroom fan

Bathroom Fan

Extractor-fan-300x300 Bathroom fan Storage Heater Repair Dublin

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Most internal bathrooms, those without access to a window, have a bathroom fan, commonly known as an extractor fan. This leads people to believe that if they have a windown in their main bathroom they won't need a bathroom fan, opening the window should be fine. So we ask the question:

Why should I use an extractor fan?

While a window is beneficial, they can never match an extractor fan in terms of preventing damp, rot and water seeping into your bathroom. As an example, next time you cook, leave the window open and don't turn on your kitchens extractor. Sure some of the steam will seep out the window, but most of it will clog your kitchen and cause damp. A bathroom with a bath or a shower, rather than being drier than a kitchen is probably wetter! So why on earth wouldn't you use an extractor fan to deal with a higher level of steam and moisture? 

An extractor fan is also a fairly cheap way of avoiding these issues. Apart from preventing large problems such as damp and mold, they keep your bathroom maintained for longer. Increasing the lifetime of appliances like radiators to aesthetic changes like painting. fit these quickly and cheaply. If you need to get an old fan repaired or would like a new one installed, get in touch with us today!