Broken Storage Heater

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Broken Storage Heater

If you’re storage heater breaks it’s not the end of the world. Usually it’s something simple like the thermostat or the element that needs replacing and then it’ll work like new. If you just need to report an issue with your storage heater and get an electrician out to you as soon as possible give us a call, or check the left side bar for prices. However, if you’re not sure what the problem is hang around and we’ll talk through some symptoms of broken storage heaters and give you an idea of what problem you might be facing. The more you know the happier we are.

Broken Elements

Storage heaters contain multiple elements that are used to heat the bricks. If one of these breaks you’ll usually notice that the heater is colder than usual, but may still be working fine. This is because there are multiple heaters in the unit. The easiest way to tell if an element is broken is by holding your hand over the unit when it’s hot, but just be careful not to touch it. If you notice that one part of the unit is colder than the rest then it’s fairly likely that the element to heat that part is broken and you’ll need a new element to replace it. You can find information about a replaced element in our side bar to the left. This is a common issue with broken storage heaters. If you think your storage heater isn’t giving you the same amount of heat as it used to check to see if all the elements are working. The only positive of a broken immersion timer is that it makes the heater cheaper to run, as the element won’t be able to draw power.

Broken Thermostats

If your entire storage heater has broken it’s unlikely to be the element unless they all broke at once and the next most common thing to break is the thermostat. A completely broken storage heater isn’t necessarily the thermostat; it’s just that thermostats break long before the bricks do. What’s generally happened is the thermostat is either faulty in that it’s telling the machine it’s hot when it isn’t or the machine has effectively detected that the thermostat has no way to regulate temperature and won’t put an electrical current through it. Both of these mean the same thing from your perspective; you need a new thermostat and more information on our prices for thermostats can be found in the side bar to the left.

Other Broken Storage Heater issues

While the element and the thermostat are the most common issues with broken storage heaters there are other problems that can arise. Issues with electrical sockets, heater blankets, wall remounts etc. do happen, but there just not as common. If you aren’t sure what the problem with your broken storage heater is and you don’t think it’s the element, giving us a call and organising a call out is the best way to solve the problem.