Extractor Fan Installation

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Price quoted is for an extractor fan replacement. For a complete extractor fan installation please contact us for a quote.

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Most internal bathrooms are fitted with a bathroom fan — commonly known as an extractor fan.

While a window is beneficial, it can never match an extractor fan installation in terms of preventing damp, rot and water from seeping into your bathroom.

An extractor fan is an affordable way of avoiding these issues. Apart from preventing large problems such as damp and mold, they keep your bathroom maintained for longer. Your extractor fan will help extend the lifetime of appliances like radiators and keep your tiles and paint looking in good shape.

Bathroom fans are installed in an external wall of your home, driving the air from the inside to the outside.

Extractor Fan Benefits

There are 3 main reasons as to book an extractor fan installation today:

  • To remove impurities in the air (moisture, smells, smoke, heat etc)
  • To encourage air circulation within an area
  • To transfer tempered (warm/cool) air from one place to another

If you need to get an old extractor fan repaired or would like a new one installed, get in touch with us today!

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