Fuseboard Installation

From 450

Including callout charge, parts and installation.

Price quoted is for a fuseboard replacement. For a complete fuseboard installation please contact us for a quote.

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We employ fully qualified electricians who can take a look at your fuseboard, identify and repair any potential faults — or carry out a complete fuseboard installation.

Depending on the age of your fuseboard, it might be time for an upgrade. Newer fuseboasrds don't actually have a fuse that breaks — instead, they trigger a switch that turns the power off. Instead of replacing an electrical fuse, you simply need to turn the switch back on to get your power back.

This is useful when the switch flips by accident or during a power outage, meaning you don't need to have extra fuses in the house and have someone fit them.

Newer fuseboards definitely make life easier, so get in touch today for a fuseboard installation quote!

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