Panel Heater Installation

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Including callout charge, new panel heater and installation.

This is a starting price for a small panel heater installation. Contact us to evaluate your needs and quote you accordingly.

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Panel Heaters are slimline electric heaters that fit into a wall, similar to radiators.

Panel Heaters provide rapid heat whenever needed, which is the main reason to use them over a typical radiator heated by gas or oil.

A newly installed panel heater will be hot almost instantly, as it heats as fast as an electric shower — which makes them extremely useful for small apartments or sitting rooms where you don't want to heat the entire house at once.

Panel Heater Installations are easy and the heaters are very affordable, especially compared to most other heating systems. They are often used in places where it would be too expensive to fit an oil or gas boiler, such as offices and small apartments.

Panel Heaters Dublin

We can supply and install a panel heater into any room, from a commercial office to a typical apartment or from a garden shed to a living room.They are easy to maintain and quite reliable.

If you need to get one of your old panel heaters replaced or are looking to get a new one fitted give us a quick call and we will arrange a callout!

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