Storage Heater Cover

Storage Heater Cover

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Most storage heaters, don’t have a storage heater cover, so we ask, is this a problem?

Why should I use a storage heater cover?

While a storage heater on its own beneficial, they can never match the warmth and safety that a storage heater cover provides. Did you know that storage heaters can get incredibly hot, especially if you’re running them for a long time?

This means your storage heater is very hot to the touch, and this can be a potential hazard for young children or small animals around the house.

Storage heater covers are stylish, visually interesting and an added safety precaution for those with young children or small animals. There are many reported cases of children and animals hurting themselves on storage heaters and radiators that are left open without a storage heater cover or radiator cover. Click here to see our selection of Storage Heater Radiator Covers.

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