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Including callout charge, element and installation. €65 extra for every additional element.

Price quoted is for a single storage heater element replacement. For multiple storage heater elements please contact us for a quote.

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If you notice a loss of heat in your storage heater, there is a good chance that there is a problem with one of the elements.

Storage Heater Elements are small metal prongs. Elements are what the electricity heats up, so it's a common thing for an electrician to check for if we get a call about a broken storage heater.

If it's not the element, it can also be the thermostat (which turns the storage heater on or off), or it could even be a fuse or a faulty electrical connection. Our electricians can solve all of these problems on site. Our storage heater element repairs are usually done quickly and with no complications.

Storage Heater Element Repair

One way to ascertain whether you have a broken storage heater element is to carefully hover your hand over the storage heater. If one section is cold while the rest is hot, that element is faulty. If the entire panel goes cold immediately, it's likely the thermostat or a connection issue.

You can always give us a call, tell us what you think the problem is and one of our storage heater specialists will get out to you and replace the element as quickly as possible.

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