Storage Heater Repair

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Storage Heater Repair

Storage heaters are built to last. Unlike modern phones, laptops and televisions storage heaters don’t change with the trends and even the new model has been around for a few years without any serious differences in design or functionality. With this lack of change comes one simple fact; they’re much more likely to be repaired than replaced. That’s why we focus on storage heater repair as our main business model; the heaters will last a decade as long as they get a few elements and thermostats replaced every few years.

New storage heaters are great and if you’re looking to buy one of the newer models we do stock and fit them. You can find more information about those here. But if you’re just looking to have a storage heater repair job done then this is the page for you.

Storage Heater Repair outline

Our system for storage heater repair is simple; if you think you know what the problem is just checkout our sidebar on the left for prices and give us a call to sort the job. If you’re not so sure you can give us a call and talk to one of our technicians about what the issue is or simply read on and we’ll explain the most common issues so you get an idea of what’s wrong with your storage heater.

Broken Element

The most common break in storage heaters is the element. These are small metal installations that carry an electric current, heat up and warm the bricks in the storage heater. A broken element doesn’t mean that it’s time to panic; storage heaters as machines are built to last, but all of the elements will burn out before the rest of the parts are through. Over the course of a storage heaters life an element will break far more often than the bricks. While this can be a pain when it happens to you, it’s going to happen eventually. The good news is that it’s fairly easy to fix. While we don’t recommend you try to repair your storage heater yourself because there are possible unforeseen issues that could be encountered, it is very possible for someone who is quite handy to manage it as long as they have a new element. It really is that simple as long as no problems are encountered.

You’ll generally know your element has broken because your storage heater will be emitting less heat. There are actually multiple elements in most storage heaters and they rarely break at the same time. The easiest way to know if an element has broken is by hovering your hand over the storage heater. If there’s a part that’s hot and another part that’s cool the element has simply broken in the cool part and replacing the element will have the heater as good as new. If you’ve noticed this and want a storage heater repair you can click on the element field in our services to the left (in order to check out the prices), send us a message through the online portal or give us a quick call.

Broken Thermostat

If your element isn’t broken, but your storage heater is, the next most common thing to go is the thermostat. Either the thermostat is telling the heater that it’s warm when it isn’t or the heater won’t turn on because it can’t regulate temperature. As long as your storage heater has two elements and they’re both working fine, then the next most common thing to break is the thermostat. This is the second thing our technicians look for in any storage heater repair, simply because it’s the second most common and the fix, at least from your point of view, is as simple as fixing an element; check our prices on the side bar (if you’re curious), send us a message or give us a call.

Other Storage Heater Repair

If it’s not the element or the thermostat there are a few other issues that might be ailing your storage heater. Our staff all deal with storage heaters daily so they’ll have little trouble figuring out the issue, but the last thing you want is to be hit with a bill you didn’t expect. The most likely causes after an element or a thermostat vary and you should be able to give us an idea of the issue; things like water spilling on them, the heater falling off of its mount, we’ve even had issues of candle wax on the internal insulation. If you know what may have caused the accident letting our technician know just speeds up the job for you. If you’re not sure what the issue is then call us and we’ll try help you find out.