Storage heater replacement

Storage heater replacements are a tricky and complicated procedure that we recommend homeowners do not attempt on their own. A storage heater should only be removed or installed by an experienced electrician. When something goes wrong with your home heating, whether it’s a broken gas boiler or a storage heater replacement, we know it can be tough. That’s why we try and get to our customers in need as soon as possible, We want to ensure our standard of excellent customer service.

To do that we have a strict customer interaction process, when you give us a call you will be put in touch with our Irish based customer representative team. These guys will walk you through each and every part of the process, they have hands on experience working with broken gas boilers & storage heaters, they aren’t just customer service reading off a script. They can help you identify the problem at hand, and give recommendations on what to do for the time being, and exactly how our team plan to fix the issue for you.