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Price quoted is for a storage heater thermostat replacement. For a completely new storage heater thermostat installation please contact us for a quote.

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Storage Heaters are highly resilient to wear and tear, lasting years without any kind of service or upkeep.

But every now and then a problem does arise with storage heater thermostats or other parts. If it's not one of the elements which heat the bricks, it's often the thermostat.

If your storage heater suddenly stop working and won't heat up, it's usually a fault with the thermostat telling the heater it is warm when it's not. It can also be a safety mechanism on the heater ensuring it doesn't overheat and catch fire.

It's a standard issue that's easily solved by replacing the storage heater thermostat.

An electrician can simply remove the cover, change out the old thermostat for a new one and turn the heater on.

If you think your storage heater is broken give us a quick call and let us know what's happened. We will usually be able to diagnose it over the phone and send a technician out at a time that suits you to get it sorted — Quick and easy!

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