Energy Efficient Heaters

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Storage Heaters Ireland

  • 500watt heater €450  (small bedroom/hall)
  • 750watt heater €479  (small bedroom/hall)
  • 1000watt heater €529 (large bedroom/kitchen/small living room)
  • 1500watt heater €579 (medium living room)
  • 1800watt heater €629 (large living room)

Buy 3 or more energy efficient heaters and get a further 10% discount.

Storage Heater: Up to 40% Lower Heating Bill 

The headline advantage for installing these new heaters is saving money over the long term. They can be used anytime of the day and still cost you less to heat your home. This is because the heater uses less than half the wattage of standard heaters using modern technology. Unlike storage heaters Ireland they don’t utilise night rates, they’re so efficient that they don’t need to, even while being significantly cheaper.

Controllable Heating

New storage heater upgrades utilise day-time rates and that means you can turn them on at any time; there’s no need to charge them the night before and you won’t be caught with them stuck on if the day is warmer than expected or costing a fortune if they weren’t charged. These heaters act more like a standard heating system that can be flipped on and off at will. They essentially act as electric radiators, except they’re much cheaper than a standard dimplex.

Simple and Easy to Use

These modern storage heater replacements come with built in switches and timers. It’s easy to turn them on and off at will and set them to come on at different times. Compared to older models they’re far more user friendly.

Sleek and Stylish

While perhaps not the most important aspect when considering purchasing a new heating unit, the new heaters are significantly more aesthetically pleasing than older models. The slim white frame is far more appealing than the older bulky models and it’s far easier to design around. Your new heater is unlikely to be an eye sore.

Speaking of sleek and stylish, if your storage heater Ireland is a part of an ongoing home renovation project you can refresh your home with custom furniture, saving space and money; built in wardrobes for example can utilise the available space better than off-the-shelf solutions, come in 100% custom colours and finishes, and are great value too.

Fast Installation

The energy efficient heaters can be fitted quickly and efficiently by our staff. The heaters are easily installed and maintained and they’re similar to the older models in that they’re quite resilient and rarely break. The manufacturer also guarantees the heaters for 10 years for the aluminium and 2 years for the electronics (though they tend to last far longer with care).