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Lower your electricity bill by up to 40% and heat your Dublin home more efficiently with our storage heater upgrades.

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If you want to lower your electricity bill and heat your home efficiently, you should consider opting for our storage heater upgrades.

Many homes in Ireland still feature storage heaters and homeowners are unwittingly spending more money than they should, and heating their rooms slowly and ineffectively.

Storage heaters were originally created to maximise the benefit of cheaper night electricity rates. The units would turn on at night and draw on electricity, taking advantage of the cheaper cost, and then store the generated heat for the next morning when rates were traditionally higher.

Few homes are still on night rate electricity, and even these savings are negated by the fact that storage heaters are one of the lowest efficiency heating systems. Households still using storage heaters may be out of pocket with their energy bills — the best motivator for making a change.

Why Upgrade Your Storage Heaters?

Our storage heater upgrades are a fantastic way to improve energy efficiency within your home and you could save up to 40% on your current electricity bill.

Unlike traditional storage heaters, our electrical heaters are similar to a standard heating system. They are fully programmable and can be set up to heat your home at the times you need it most (while a normal storage heater would release stored heat in the first part of the day, when the majority of people aren’t at home).

Storage Heater Upgrades Dublin

Storage Heater Upgrades Ireland

There are many reasons why you should choose storage heater upgrades in Ireland.

One such reason is the need to be flexible with your heating. For many families, they are unlikely to be in the house throughout the day. With a traditional storage heater, the system would provide heat during the day and then may be cooler in the evening when everyone has returned.

It is also preferable for people to have capacity to manually control their heating which most dated storage heaters do not easily offer. If you find yourself agreeing with these statements, it is time to upgrade.

Is your electricity bill high? Are you finding that your home seems to be heating up slowly? Then it could be time to consider a storage heater upgrade.

The most cost-effective way to do this is by getting some replacements for your existing storage heater units.

Our heaters offer a sleek and simple design and come in different sizes and power levels — meaning they can fit anywhere and be chosen based on the size of the room they have to heat. They also offer increased flexibility and functions which put you in control of your heating. Why not get in touch for a quote for a complete refit!

Alternatively, if your storage heater is broken or if you have multiple such heaters in the house, you can replace them one by one. In this way you can plan a slower paced storage heater upgrade — getting new units as the existing ones start causing problems. In this way, you are also able to spread the cost over several months.

If you are considering a full heating system upgrade, it is also worth looking into gas boiler prices. Gas Boilers are the best heating system for the majority of people in Dublin and outside. While there is an upfront cost to this upgrade, it should be considered an investment as it is very efficient and cheap to run. Get in touch with one of our team who can discuss the options with you in full!

New Storage Heaters Dublin

We are based in Dublin, with a team of skilled electricians, plumbers and heating technicians.

We know how much of a problem a broken heater can be, especially in the winter. We are always able to provide, install or replace existing storage heaters fast and at a very reasonable cost.

Storage Heater Upgrade Ireland

Storage Heater Upgrade Prices

When determining the true cost of upgrading your heating system, including storage heater replacement with more cost-efficient modern models, it is worth considering the saving you will make by having a more efficient system.

We have included some costs below which also give the wattage of each heater based on the size of the room you intend to use it in.

How much does a storage heater upgrade cost?

  • 500watt heater - €469
    Suitable for a very small bedroom/hall
  • 750watt heater - €499
    Suitable for a small bedroom/hall
  • 1000watt heater - €555
    Suitable for a large bedroom/kitchen/small living room
  • 1500watt heater - €609
    Suitable for a medium sized living room
  • 1800watt heater - €660
    Suitable for a large living room

New Heater Installation

Storage heaters are sometimes wired directly into the wall, and our electricians will need to remove these directly from the mains and this will form part of the installation of the new electric radiators.

Storage heaters in Ireland are sure to become a feature of the past given the changes in electricity rates and advances in heating technology. If you are considering upgrading your heating system, you have certainly come to the right place.

We can provide high quality electrical heaters and we are also able to offer fast installation by one of our specialised technicians.

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