Storage Heater Repair & Replacement

Welcome to the world of fast, efficient Storage Heater Repair. With Storageheater.ie, you won’t waste time or money waiting for parts delivery or additional call-outs. Our repair experts will arrive at your home, equipped to sort 95% of storage heater problems within a few hours. We continuously monitor the latest trends and industry data for storage heaters to ensure we know how to fix as many problems as possible in one call out. It suits both of us to get the problem sorted right away and our team work with these heaters every day; they’re used to the quirks.

Fully Equipped Vans - 95% On-the-Spot Storage Heater Repair - Licensed and Insured

Storageheater.ie is a Dublin based company offering unbeatable on-the-spot repair services. Whatever the problem, if your storage heater isn’t working we’re committed to having an electrician out to you on the same day or next business day. We can achieve this because we’re fast. Our technicians all have fully equipped vans stocked with new elements and thermostats so they can fix as many problems as possible in one visit.

Same day or next Business day service

We’re committed to getting your problem sorted within the same day or next business day at reasonable rates. Call us in the morning and we can get your storage heater sorted by that evening. Calling a bit later can result in a next day service, but we’re committed to getting the problem fixed as fast as possible. Many people rely on their heaters throughout the year and we want to be as reliable as the machine we fix.

Fully Insured, Fully Licensed Storage Heater Repair Team

All of our Storage Heater Repair technicians are fully insured, covering professional indemnity damages up to €13,000,000 (million). For the years 2016-2018, our insurance provider is Arachas Insurance. We also only employ fully licensed tradespeople. The only person who will arrive at your door is a qualified electrician or plumber. There are a few banana builders going around in Ireland but we’re not one of them, which is why we’re upfront about our insurance costs.