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Storage Heater Dublin are committed to serving the greater Dublin area with new storage heaters and a storage heater repair service. We’re a team of electricians and plumbers who specialise in heating appliances, such as storage heaters, in order to beat our competitors in the market. Due to this, we’re faster and cheaper than anyone else who serves the Dublin area, with either same day or next day call outs depending on when you get in touch.

We can manage this speed for three reasons; well-trained staff, well-equipped vans and a high level of organisation. These allow us to be both cheap and efficient, delivering as fast a service as possible whilst keeping costs to a minimum and this is important to us. When it comes to storage heating the appliances aren’t fancy, they’re functional. As far as we’re concerned spending 2 hours fixing the heater instead of 1 hour isn’t giving a better service, it’s merely wasting both your time and ours. That’s why we try to have the fastest turnaround time we can. Keeps everything fast, efficient and, because we can fit more heaters into the same time frame, cheap.

Here at we offer a range of services. From our specialist storage heater Dublin repair service to new fittings for ancillary services like bathrooms, fuse boards and light switches. We have multiple fully qualified electricians and while storage heater repair and replacement is our main activity we’re happy to cover other standard electrical repair needs for you and your family.

What is a Storage Heater?

There are few heating appliances that have been around as long and been as common as a storage heater. Throughout its lifespan there have been numerous innovations in heating technology, from improvements in oil, gas and immersions to a preference away from electrical heating. However, throughout it all, storage heaters remain a viable way to heat many homes, apartments and offices. There are two types of heaters; the first, older model does exactly what it says on the tin and stores heat. The second acts more like a more expensive to buy but cheaper to run electric heater. We’ll explain both of these below.

What Does a Storage Heater Do?

This is one of the few devices that actually does and provides what the name says: they store heat. In other words, they are devices that operate during the night, as electricity rates are cheaper then. Once it has stored enough heat it is ready to be released into your room whenever you need it. This way it saves you a significant amount of money, for electricity costs are considerably higher during the day.

A newer heater acts a little differently. They don’t store heat throughout the day because of one main problem; you can’t turn old storage heaters off. This is usually fine in a country like Ireland where it’s pretty much always cold, but on the rare day it’s not the heat will stay locked in your storage heater for the day even if you want to “turn it off”. These new storage heaters heat during the day like a dimplex and don’t even utilise night rates, but they’re still 30-40% cheaper than a regular storage heater and far more efficient than a dimplex. This is due to new technology. The only real expense with them is their initial cost but they’re usually more than worth it.

How Do Storage Heaters Work?

The mechanics of storage heaters are just as simple as their functionality. They are devices that contain a number of bricks with electric current running through them. When the power is turned on, the bricks start heating up and the device stores the heat that is produced by the thermal elements. When the heating process is finished, the heater is able to release this thermal energy slowly throughout the day. Bricks are used because they can hold more heat than water, which is important when you need them to last the whole day. New storage heaters, like we’ve mentioned, are a bit different to this.

What are the benefits of using storage heaters?

As one might assume, storage heaters are devices that provide the user with countless benefits. In spite of the fact that this product has been in the market for a while, it keeps delivering the same satisfactions that it promised when it was first released:

Cost-efficient; because the heat is stored when the electricity tariffs are significantly lower; the device assures much more affordable bills at the end of the month. Not only that, but it also works just as perfect and efficiently as any modern heater you will find in today´s market. No wonder why this device is still present in millions of houses from all over the world.

Easy to use; using a storage heater is as simple as pressing a button to turn it on and off. Because these devices have solely two functions, there is not too much knowledge needed for you to properly manipulate it. This is a feature that surely is valued by many people, for today´s devices often come in an overly-complicated presentation that requires a vast amount of previous information for the user to handle it correctly.

Easy installation; if a device is easy to use; chances are its installation is simple as well. Unlike other heating products that are sold in the market, storage heaters do not involve tedious pipes or boilers. All you have to do is plug it in and you´re ready to go and the device tends to be fairly easy to clean because it’s not too large or ungainly. They tend to be quite neat and just hang of the wall.

Long lifetime; these devices no not require a ridiculous amount of energy or effort to do their job, so their lifetime is pretty long. If the user takes care of it accordingly it can last several years with the same cost-efficiency.

Lost lasting heating; storage heaters are able to emit thermal energy for up to 24 hours after a full night of storing. This means you´re practically getting a free heating service, for the device solely works overnight and can be used all day long.

These are just some of the reasons why storage heaters remain to be one of the best ways to keep your home at the perfect temperature at affordable rates. Furthermore, anyone with the minimum knowledge about HVAC devices will be able to install a storage heater in their home.

Always remember that you should keep your storage heater properly maintained if you want it to function effectively regardless of its age. If you feel like you won´t be able to do this job on your own, your best call is to seek professional assistance; they will take care of the job without compromising your device and can assure that you’re heater will maintain efficiency.